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// 100 Reflexiones del mes de Julio de 1997 - 100 messages received in July 1997//


Mi deseo para este mundo es el fin de las guerras, el fin del hambre, el fin de la estupidez humana, en definitiva, que florezca

el amor por doquier para que así seamos cada dia mas personas, mas humildes.

Madrid Spain


Peace , unity , prosperity unracist land , no more crime , no more nuclear weapons ,the world is not so bad for ppl todie to escape

from it , i know it but maybe if i die something may get better or worse ,who knows ?as what Jesus said , love is the best , i agree even

i'm not christian but if we love everyone around us , there'll be peace.

Bangkok Thailand


That the world might have a common vision and goal for their life.For without a vision people will fall for anything. Without a vision

you will never go anywhere or be anybody and God has made you more than a conqueror.

Richmond USA


Wow!! That's such a great site!! The graphics are extremely high quality,what you'd expect from a professional painter, not your

typical graphic design at all. You've truly made an art out of what you do, my congratulations to you .Very well done!!



I want the whole world to be a single country. No frontiers !

Belgrade Yugoslavia


I would like humans to realize that they are not the only creatures on this planet. In order to have a better universe, one must

understand that all creatures are necessary.There is not one creature (whether group or individual) with more importance than any


Portales USA


We're all created under the same roof, people.

Otawa Canada


Om Shri Sai Ram

The above is prayer, which we say before writing anything.

We must not be cruel to our fellow creatures like domestic animals by killing and eating them. If we kill and eat them, we'll also get

similar character and kill and rape and murder each others, which's happening now. Be vegetarian. The homosapien which belongs to

the group called primates is fruitarian, vegetarian. Then only there'll be love and peace amongst us.

Teluk Intan Malasya


Creo que todos buscamos un fin comun, llegar a una realizacion personal y tener una paz interior, y una vez

que lo logremos, el mundo empezara a cambiar para uno mismo, y si lo logramos todos y cada uno de los que pasamos

por esta pequeña tierra, el mundo sera mejor..Dejara de haber divisiones, guerras,racismo, conflictos sociales,

corrupcion en los gobiernos, pero para esto como lo dije antes lo mas importante de todo son los valores que uno tenga y los

transmita a los hijos, por eso unicamente digo:

Luchemos por fundar nuestos valores en la familia y principalmente en el ser supremo que fue el que nos da la

oportunidad de estar aqui y disfrutar de todo lo maravilloso que el creo.

Gracias, y que bueno que existan el el mundo gentes como tu que se preocupen por difundir valores humanos felicidades por tu labor y

que mucha gente visite tu pagina y tengas exito en tus proyectos.

Queretaro Mexico


I think the world needs to see Christianity or any good religion and see it's positive effects see what good it does and then participate.

If everyone followed or tried to follow the laws of the Bible the world would be a much better place where hate was not excepted and

love was the way of life.

Washington USA


I wish to see more beautiful art like Anna Maria's, and I hope many people will see this page. Maybe they will become

inspired to do something, and stand up for what they think is right. This is fantastic.

Melbourne, Florida USA


Se cada pessoa tratar de viver bem sua vida, seríamos todos mais felizes.

Porto Alegre Brazil


If we all had faith like a child, learned like a child, and longed for things like a child did then things would be easier to see. You wouldn't

know what racism or hatred is because as a child we are taught to love everyone and share the world with everyone no matter who

they are. As we grow up, we tend to forget these important lessons that we were taught. Always listen to your inner child.

Missouri USA


You have a wonderful view of the world...you see it all. Not just good, not just the bad. Its important that we see the whole picture and

not just cut out the parts of life we like and put them on a shelf... We should look at all things, discover the good in all...and try to

make the bad things better.

Alabama USA


I think your willingness to understand people is very unique. Your homepage is also unique and shows your graphic-art skills. Keep on

enjoying life. Pienso que esta buena que quieres comprender la gente. Tu homepage es unica y indica que tu amas el arte. Siga vivir.

Penso que ista bem que queres entender as personas. Tu homepage e unica e indica que tu amas el arte. Tudos e para la vida! Penso

che e buona que vuoi comprendere le persone.La tua homepage e unica e indica que ti piace l'arte. Tutto e per la vita!

Los Angeles USA


For You to see, you must first open your eyes, For you to walk, you must first take a single step. . .Stand against all that is "wrong"

St. Louis USA


Curioso, especial, llevo aqui mucho tiempo y nunca una web me ha hecho sentir lo que esta...

Cadiz Spain


Your page is amazing! I like how you encouraged us to see beyond the hurt and cruelty to focus on our good vibrations.

So many times we get "stuck" in negativity. Your site has inspired me to get my meditations and thoughts ...Thank you!

Saint Paul, Minnesota USA


Live The Life your Way..Do what ever You feel..Just Keep in Mind..that..Your Freedom ends where Others' Begin..

Do that does not Hurt some one..an any way.. If You can't do him Good at least don't cause Harm.. Your Life is Complete then..

and.... awesome Pages...

New Delhi India


Humanity will only rise as high, and no higher, than the one who occupies the lowest position, so it is all our responsibility to help one

another to grow in every way. Do not offer a hand-out, but a hand up, and watch in amazement as our whole world improves one little

corner at a time. Positive thoughts produce positive action. Positive actions produce positiveresults. Negative circumstances when

properly understood serve to create balance and merely lead one to the unfoldment of an opportunity for positive change which again

leads back to creation of positive thinking. The circle is endless when left unbroken. All of creation is essentially self-realizing, self-

perpetuating, and self-maintaining.Life must always feel itself. With patience, life will also reveal itself. As Napolean Hill once

observed,"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can truly achieve!!!" Spend time each day simply

"BEING"---just being you---just being here, right now this moment and experience this glorious creation within you, and surounding you

with It's presence and then carry this gift with you everywhere you go so that others may be touched by It. The risk is "ZERO" but the

rewards are many. All it costs isyour time and attention.

Orange CA USA


I feel pain... I feel love... I feel death... I feel happiness... It seems to be so close things... I don't want to feel the fear, I just want to

carry the light...

Moscow Russia


think your page is excellent. its so simple, yet very intricate and so right. its like it demands your attention . . . this is truly a magical

thing you've created.

Melbourne Australia


Respeto para os seres humáns e a natureza, hoxe estiven na fervenza do toxa, unha catarata que vos aconsello visitedes, no concello

de Silleda, pasando por Bandeira......

Galicia Spain


Awesome, and powerful perceptions - and artistry.Welcome to the world of Homo nobilis, stellaris.Wish I had your gift of artistry.

Vancouver -Canada


Very visual, vivid graphics. Nice use of color and texture to create mood. Some really nice work

Atlanta Canada


Every day we're shorter of breath and one day closer to death!



I think that you are trying to make a difference in this world and that is great! I very much enjoyed your place.Thank you.



My thoughts are...well I really like your homepage! its so nice nad original! I may be a pasiphist but I think that your page sort of brings

out a nice relaxing feeling and harmony of the colours I think peaceful thoughts towrads your creation of your homepage. well it just

gives me a really happy thoughts.!



The best website a ever seen! I just wonder when I can create such graphics with impact...

Manila Philippines


World peace begins with inner peace.

From the world


I hope someone beyond me have a hope too...

Roma Italy


I apprecaite very much your work and your wonderfull imagination You must be a very good and sensitve person and also a great artiste

Thank you for the experiance P.S. do'nt forget the put the Judaisme in the section of religions.D'nt forget that Judaisn Is the fird

Monoteist religion Thank you again.

Herzeliya Israel


Thank you for the tour. I enjoyed it very much...

Ohio USA


I like your page and its contents Says a lot while saying so little

Melbourne Australia


There is wisdom in many places. There in nothing new under the sun. But seek wisdom and truth and you shall find it. Seek by

deception and wrong ways and you shall find them (corrupted). God Bless you in your search.



World is both good and bad place to be in !! it's our mission to make it better palce to live in not by killing all the Evil but making it part

of God!



I think the most thing the world needs today is peace in his minde.



A thought pervoking site. Great job with the graphics.

Baltimore USA


There is positive and good that comes from each action. Someone is always watching you...someone in your life has admired you and

tried to emulate what you are. It is your responsibility to impress well, not reflect negativity. You are the first ripple in someone else's

pond. Take but just one moment to do something nice today-hold a door open for someone, compliment a co-worker for something

they've done well it will improve your mood as well.

From the world


Billboards on the road should be replaced with artist canvases instead of ad campaigns. Pay attention to the little things, cut the six

pack coke holders, dispose of balloons properly and you can save yourself and, more importantly, the world.

Houston USA


I have lived in a small town for 16 yeas of my life. Just recently, I, along with my family moved to a largly populated city in the Southern

United states. I thought it was going to be great at first, a chance to see the city, to live in the midst of new times. I was wrong. As

soon as we arived, we were taken advantage of. That was not bad though, because we were tourists, and thats what people do to

tourists. We went to live with some friends of 11 years. We were with them for a month, then found a

place of our own. Having trouble with the landLord, we were forced to find a new home to stay. We did, it is not the royal palace, but it

is home. The point of this is Violence. One year after we moved to the south, I was subjected to murder, drugs, hatred, racism the

likes I have only read about. I am desperatly wanting to move back to my secluded life in the middle of no where. This may sound like

a tear jerker story , but so what. My only escape is my computer, and people like you, who provides a hope...



Felicidades por tu página.Siento sana envidia.

Marbella Spain


Hey! This a very nice place you'v created ....I'll turn back later, becourse you started me thinking??? Maybe with the ultimate sul..

Or just a hug, a thing that might be a solution to many people, friends and lovers, in our part of the world?

Love. PS. Keep at it "you'r good"!!!!! pss. Sorry about my spelling :-)



When we take the time to know each other, the world is a better place. We are not that different.

Philadelphia USA


the world isnt that bad of a place we just need to stop making it a bad place.....



Interesting site...Makes you think...I like the underlying positive message ...



You've done a really great job. It's the most beautiful page I have ever seen. Congratulations.



I'm not too sure about this world. Just as you think it can get no worse, it gets worse. But then out of no where, a ray of light, shining

from heavens, is there a god? An occurence, a person, something enters your life to give it colour, to give meaning to this unholy

maelstrom we call our world, our society. It seems no matter how hard you try to see it, you can never find the strange force that

appears governs our lost souls through the organised mess of life.



I think your page is really deep. It actually has a point, unlike thousands of other web pages.



Je suis Chinois et je parle une petite de francais. J'aime son Webpage. C'est tres magnifique!

Richmond USA


There's shadows catching up to me...

got to move, got to keep moving on.

half-blind to the solar possibility sky,

history and regret and desperation

and how did I get so tired...

It's cold out here. Cold in here.

Was I always like this?

Near-death, I once fell and fell

without a joy to call my own

without a reason to be

without proof

a burden upon a barren world

Somewhere, somehow,

perhaps I died.

Perhaps I found the way back.

I can't escape my history,

the things I left behind still chained

to the Shadow, so patient, so cold...

I'm mad, or so I hear -

freakish, deranged, driven...

Perhaps. But it's not sane

to live without reason for living -

so what am I now?

I have too much reason.

Obsession? Survival.

What drives me? Better to ask,

what drives you?

The solar sky half-blinds me,

burns me, temts me to turn away,

shelter my eyes, return to my

ever-loving, ever-faithful Shadows.

And I grin, and I laugh

with grim resolve

and call out to the restless souls,

the loonies, crazies, madmen all,

the Freaks of all nations, dark and bright...

and I call out to you,

for you're not so different

from me...

"You've got to have FAITH!"

Calgary Canada


Very insightful.Profound.

Denver USA


I believe the world would be a better place for all of us once we grow out of the false and foolish sence of joy that material things give

us. There are people starving and dying, but us here are only concerned with paying for our nice cars, nice homes, nice clothing when

really once we die it will not make a difference. We can't take any of those items with us! People just need to be more HUMAN to

make this world a better place for all.

Norwalk USA


You are a very good graphic artist Usted esta un artisto de grafico muy bien.and I admire your homepage y, admirido tu "homepage"

Keep up the good work!

From the world


Gostei da orixinalidade. É una páxina con bon gusto. Parabéns!

St. Louis USA


We need to stop the crime the hate drugs racist and more our world is coming to end weather we see it or not...ppl caring what

color they are, making other ppl mad sad jealous we all are equal SO WHY DON"T WE ACT it?

Williamsburg USA



Okinawa Japan


Bring it down to one level that we may all not get along, and that as much as we want to get along our GOD given right to be ourselves,

conflicts with getting along with everyone. I love you you all....But I cannot agree with all of your views, but I will forgive you as Jesus


Tampa USA


If fighting is bad, how then do we repudiate bigotry and hatred? Can we hate hatred? I hope so.

Nice site, beautiful thoughts and sights. Thank you.

Birmingham USA


It is time for all persons to elimanate the dogma of nationalism and to elevate the nation of humankind as one unified group.

By the way a very well designed site.

Centerville USA


i want to be able to express my feelings without being judged by them simply because they are different from someone elses...

Birmingham USA


Deberia cada ser humano sentarse a meditar, reflexionar sobre los acontecimientos que suceden hoy en dia,como se levantan

a comer,vivimos unos tiempos muy malos,todo lo malo rodea nuestras vidas,hambre,envidia muertes inecesarias etc.,

un mundo con tanto dinero y sufriendolas consecuencias de los reyes corruptos,malgastan el $ en cosas inecesarias,como los viajes

al espacio, se gastan millones de $ en ves de donarlos a los maestros de la educacion, la educacion es primordial,

piensen en los dias que vivimos reflexionemos y descubramos el lado bueno que tenemos,amen.

San Juan Puerto Rico


Great site



Basically, I like how the world is doing and hope to find more sites with the caliber of this one...

Salt Lake City USA


Friendship, truth and love.

Baton Rouge USA


Emily Dickinson wrote this poem:

Few get enough,- enough is one

To that ethereal throng

Have not each of us the right

To stealthily belong?

Love is better fertilizer than hate spread it around.

Sierra Vista USA


interesting. that which is ignored, is insignificant. that which is significant is also that which puts on a good show.




Roseburg USA


everybody says they want a better world..to make things better..and attain high morals..having better living conditions etc. I think the

problem is that what people mean by words 'good' and'evil' differ immensely and therefore what I think to be true and good is not

necessarily good and true for someone else...so there's nothing as absolute truth and everbody means completely different themes

under the headlines "a better world" or "world peace" etc.. So, what to do , since we have no objective measure to

define or fix a parameter to spot for the good.. If you believe in God, just accept that as HIS will and obey. If you don't believe in

something as natural order, big cause or GOD himself, it's better just to let it go ! Our ancestors in the caves did not imagine a

BETTER world millions years ago but somehow the life has gone on...the life still goes on and only those who deserve (and willing to

live) will survive..just think for a minute, 65 million years ago no dinosaurus thought about the future

Istambul Turkey


Veo tu mundo noble pero confuso,todo no es igual aunque todos nos merezcan respeto. No es lo mismo el budismo que la Iglesia

católica, Jesucristo que Buda. Porque como dijo San Pedro: No se nos ha dado bajo el cielo otro nombre que el de Jesús ( Salvador)

para la felicidad y salvación definitiva y esta nos viene por la Cruz de Cristo, locura para los sabios y escándalo para los

poderosos.Cristo Muerte y Resucitado, he ahí la salvación contra todos los vicios y pecados del mundo: racismo, xenofobia,

explotación pornografía, hambre, terrorismo etc son los frutos del PECADO rebelión y ofensa contra Dios.

Gijon Spain


What's a cool homepage! I really enjoy your graphic demonstration. Thankx.

Los Angeles California


Wonderful graphics! Making the world a better place through tolerance and love is certainly a great intent! Much success with your web




The page is really neat. I like the way you see the world and I agree that differences should only strengthen our bonds, not break them.

We should work for the betterment of the world.

From the world


Impresionante Anna !!!

Ourense Spain


Parabéns pola súa páxina. É moi orixinal e gostei muito de vela.



Your ideas for a better world are great. I love your page and all your creativity. I think you are a wonderful artist and I love your work.

All the best of luck for you!



inteligencia y paz para el universo



La grandeza de los hombres se debe medir por los medios de que se han servido.

Buenos Aires Argentina


Creo que la página es preciosa. Me ha encantado, de verdad. Y además rápida. Bien por Lugo.

Catalunya Spain


Stop wars . Save energy.

Calcutta India


A world without insanity, criminals and war as envisioned by L.Ron Hubbard would be my own wish as well.

Surrey Canada


Skin is just a wrapping color makes it beautiful.

Pleasantville, NY USA


La página es fenomenal y os animo a seguir haciendo cosas como esta

Xove Lugo Spain


I think that you have a wonderful page that is very unique from the many that I see.

Fort Huachuca





...Estoy cansado de lo que pasa en este mundo Podemos hacer algo? Si nos unieramos todos sí. Pero ¿Quién se ofrecerá

con todas sus fuerzas para hacer tal cosa? yo por ejemplo lo haría, intentaría hacer un mundo libre de calamidades, envidia, odio,

guerra, hambre. Donde todo el mundo viviríamos como hermanos, sin fronteras ideológicas ni de ninguna clase.

Me encantaria volver a vivir en fusión con la naturaleza, sin tanto consumismo, i tanta codicia.Pues el mundo occidental digan lo que

digan es un mundo codicioso. Me gustaria abrirme a cualquier persona que lo necesite, pero claro ahí está, luego te engañan.

Desearía ser libre y no tener que estar preocupado por un futuro que luego no me va a hacer feliz. Quisiera no tener que preocuparme

si voy a encontrar trabajo. ¿Sabes cual sería mi mundo ideal? Una ciudad en plena naturaleza, donde todo estaría organizado

adecuamente para que a nadie le falte nada unos trabajarian la tierra, otros cuidarian del ganado, otros se ocuparian de enseñar, pero

no materias sin importancia, sino el arte de la literatura, la pintura,etc... Otros serían maestros espirituales que te ofrecerian

enseñanzas para el cultivo de la mente. Pues sabes, yo creo en la potencialidad de la mente humana, pero está atrofiada en este

mundo consumista, que como la propia palabra lo dice nos está consumiendo poco a poco sin darnos cuenta. en esta ciudad no

habría adelantos tecnológicos de ninguna clase, ni siquiera luz, que ya es decir. Viviriamos unicamente

de lo que nos diera la tierra...

Cordoba Spain


Que de concientización, información, etc, etc, ya estuvo bueno y mucho. Ya hay que hacer, lo que sea, pero hacerlo.

Y aún hay personajes por la vida que dicen que no saben donde hacer, que hacer y por quién hacer.

Es cosa de abrir los ojos y no hacerse tonto solo.

Siempre encontrarás que hacer, como hacer y por quien hacer ALGO.

Queretaro Mexico


tudo moi lindo :)

Galicia Spain


Nice homepage!!



Mis pensamientos son: what we have in this world is an over abundance of apathy. for whatever reason many people don't care-about

anything. that annoys me. we all need to be passionate about something. whether it's love or hate that you feel etc. etc. etc.

good vibrations to all you cool cats reading this! i'm outta here, peace out!

San Antonio USA


no interfieran los humanos el hermoso palpitar del universo. seamos, dejemos ser.

Tegucigalpa Honduras


Doy mi solidaridad a todo el mundo necesitado y marginado,e igualmente condeno totalmente el terrorismo tanto el que tenemos en

España como en cualquier otro lugar del mundo.

Cala D'Or-Mallorca Spain


I have 2 passions meditation and art. If the human race is to survive we need to raise ourselves up. I'm sure that there

are many ways to do this, love for each other, science etc. Meditation and art are the paths that I have found to raise

my consciousness and to touch my soul. Thank you for your site.

Vlaardingen -The Netherlands


I really, really love your work on this homepage. Way Cool ! You have a great talent in design.

I admire the way you express your thought and expression on this homepage. This homepage is really original and will stand out from

the crowd because it's you ! Thanks for sharing your thought. Good luck !

Jakarta Indonesia


Your a genius, I wish we all could just realize what you just wrote!

Ohio USA


The whole world is a metter of relativity. When one reasons, they are based on one's relative experience in life. For example, how do

we measure richness and poorness? Isn't it a matter of relativity and subject to the criteria of measurement? Those who are been

branded as "rich" may be poor in other areas such as spiritual richness, etc.Every single living being on the surface of this world has

an agenda in life, set when he or she is borned. The person can either enhance or even destroy his or her life

along the way. But, who are we to judge these people? We can guide and advice, but even then, that's subjective and relative to the

persons' knowledge and experience. Hence, my point here is that live your life to the fullest, through whatever legal means. Enjoy.



Hay días en que pensamos que todo nos va mal, que las cosas son la misma porquería siempre, y de repente pequenas cosas nos

alegran y nos hacen reflexionar en lo anteriormente formulado, tal vez, casi siempre ocurre lo mismo y en ese circulo pasamos la

mayor parte de nuestra vida, pero creo que hasta esa forma de vida , de un día de lo malo a lo bueno tan rápido como nuestros

pensamientos y sentimientos lo son, todo esto aunque como digo contradictorio es parte de esa hermosa vida que

Dios no da, de ese aire que respiramos, los árboles, las rosas, la poesía, los hombre, las mujeres, los ninos, las mariposas, hasta

esos impresionantes y destructivos fenómenos naturales, la muerte ...todo ello es parte de..... de la vida, de nosotros, es temporal, es

especial, pienso que hay que aprovechar y agradecer cada momento por más trágico que parezca, pues solo asi sabemos que

estamos vivos, y no hay nada más hermoso que tomar un helado de ron con pasas, una hora entre el trabajo...

Quito Ecuador


No utilicemos lo que nos separa, el esfuerzo por hacerlo es vano, en realidad lo que sale del corazon

es amor, el amor no separa, como lo hacen las palabras. Las miradas, un apreton de manos, una sonrisa,

un beso, antes que el lenguaje, esta la persona, busquemos como acercarnos y entendernos para poder amarnos

y no para alejarnos, la reflexion ha de ser mas universal que la lengua y la palabra, la verdadera necesidad de

que todo cambie debe empezar por nosotros mismos, acercandonos y no alejandonos

seria posible, empezar a pregonar en casa, en nuestra alma, en nuestra comunicacion con los demas, y luego,

solo luego cuando estamos en disposicion de unir y acercar en la reflexion, comunicarselo a los demas.

Mis mejores deseos para tu reflexion.Yo tambien he reflexionado con tu pagina.

Madrid Spain


i love your page..... very original, and your artwork, most definatly leaves a message for one to ponder. I love

this site... and wish you much luck with it in the future... dont ever stop!

Waterbury Connecticut


Well, I think the world is a nice place, just a little overpopulated. When you have so many people wanting attention, there isn't enough

room for the really good ideas to take effect. Your art pieces really struck a chord in my heart, and thank you for letting me take a peek

at the world through your eyes.



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